National Sale Success Top Priced Lot

At Maine-Anjou Beef Australia’s National Sale our heifer Lot 14, Maine Park Latoya was the top priced animal selling at $7400.00. The heifer started at $5500.00¬†and after competitive bidding the price reached $7400.00. Maine Park Latoya is out of Wattle Glen Glenda and sired by Maine Park’s own bull, Maine Park Black Ernie. The heifer is pregnancy tested in calf to KFN Beefmaker Express.

The heifer was purchased by Eva Worden of Anjouliette, Eva will add Latoya to her all red and white stud to start a new line of blacks. Eva will also show the heifer in the 2017 spring show season.

“I’m looking forward to the influence of Maine Park Latoya in my breeding program at Anjouliette” -Eva Worden



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