Our Bulls

We have a great selection of bull calves which will be for sale over the next 12 months – our cattle are all grown on grass. We only grow out our best bull calves that have undergone a strict structural selection process. All are a JBAS 7, clear of Jhone’s and Pestivirus.


Maine Park Moses, SOLD, $5000 J & J Tuck, Shepparton.


Maine Park Nigel, Lot 1 Maine-Anjou Beef Australia National Sale, 8 months old in image, polled. Dam: Maine Park Francis Sire: Maine Park Layley SOLD $6,100 to R Featherston, of Wallinduck.


Anjouliette Noah, SOLD $5,000 to A. Krieg Blackall Queensland, 9 months old in image, scurred. Dam: Anjouliette Lil Sire: Maine Park Layley.


Maine Park Neville, SOLD $5,000 to G & K Norman, Wattle Flat Lot 2 Maine-Anjou Beef Australia National Sale, 4 months in image, scurred. Dam: Wattle Glen Dahlia Sire: Maine Park Mr Zeta.

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