Welcome to Maine-Park, where Clint Worden and Bridgid Fry breed structurally sound, easy calving, quiet, fast growing Maine-Anjou cattle in Knowsley, Victoria, Australia. Clint Worden established Maine Park in 1989, Clint has been involved with Maine-Anjou cattle since 1985. The stud has grown ever since with a growing market for Maine Park Maine-Anjou grass fed beef, selling Maine-Anjou bulls for both commercial and stud use and also females for stud and commercial use.

Maine Park continues to work hard with a variety of genetics and Maine Park bulls to breed the ideal Maine-Anjou for today’s market. Maine Park supports the National Maine-Anjou Beef Australia Sale, having topped the Sale the past two years with Maine Park Konrad selling at $7400 in 2016 and Maine Park Latoya selling at $7400 in 2017.

Maine Park is a proud member of Maine-Anjou Beef Australia.


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