Breeding Philosophy

It’s simple quality cattle breed quality offspring! We have been breeding Maine-Anjou cattle for 28 years, you can gain the benefit of our 28 years of work when purchasing Maine Park cattle. At Maine Park our breeding philosophy consists of breeding structurally sound, easy calving, fast growing and quiet Maine-Anjou cattle. Maine Park cattle are only grass fed (with hay if needed), we feed no grain, even our show teams are only grass fed and none of our cattle have their hooves grinded. Our cattle are not falsely advertised, what you see is what you get. We weigh our calves at birth, 6 months and 12 months and perform strict structural assessments, without the use of breedplan.

Our herd includes a selection of traditional red and white, red and black Maine-Anjou cattle. The majority of our herd is poll and we still use our horn bulls over our polled cows resulting in mostly polled calves. At Maine Park we weigh all our calves at birth, we believe in having easy calving, low birth weight stock that grow rapidly on pasture alone with hay if needed (during dry months).

  • 8 month old bulls calves weigh 350kg-400kg
  • 12 month old bulls weigh 500kg-600kg

We only sell our best Maine Park cattle, you can be sure when purchasing from the herd you will have a structurally sound, easy calving and quiet animal. At Maine Park we have a strict specification our Maine-Anjou cattle must meet in order to become breeding stock and to be sold. Maine Park guarantees the soundness of all our cattle.

We cull cattle with the following genetic issues:

  • Cattle with poor hoof structure; including cracks, long hooves and claw issues, to ensure the longevity of our cattle, we only breed with cattle that have even hoof structure.
  • Females with poor udders; including bottle teats, uneven teats and poor lactating females are culled to ensure our cattle can adequately rear calves.
  • Cattle with temperament issues are culled; including all cattle that are not able to be safely handled, to ensure even the most inexperienced and youngest of cattle people can safely handle cattle in the Maine Park herd.
  • Females unable to rear calves to their fullest potential are culled; our females have a job to do which is rear calves, a female unable to do this is culled.
  • Cattle born with large birth weights both bulls and females are culled to ensure the genetic issue is not passed onto the next generation of cattle.

Every year’s group of calves are tested for pesti virus, which we have for the past 5 years and all have negative results.


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